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Dendrimers are highly branched polymeric macromolecules with well-defined and uniform sizes and shapes. Their structure is based on three main components: a central core, repetitive branching units, and terminal groups. Their surfaces are easily modifiable, increasing the number of repeated branching units, determines the generation of the dendrimer. The interest to gain more fundamental knowledge about highly branched architectures combined with the high potential for applications in material science and life sciences, stimulate scientists towards strong research efforts in the expanding field of dendrimer chemistry. The success of dendrimers is based on the availability of large molecules with unusual properties which makes them suitable for a broad range of applications. The similarities between dendrimers and globular proteins, in terms of structure and surface properties allowed dendrimers to be utilized in medical applications.
The first Biodendrimer symposium was organised in Lodz (Poland) in 2008. The second edition was proposed in Porquerolles Island (France) in 2010, the third edition took place in Toledo (Spain) in 2012, the 4th in Lugano (Southern Switzerland) in 2014, the 5th in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2016.
The aim of this Biennial International Symposium on dendrimers is to bring together the research and industrial groups working on biological and medical applications of dendrimers both at the European and international level. The symposium is organised around a strong scientific programme based on plenary lectures and oral or posters communications.

The 6th edition of Biodendrimers will take place in Urbino, which is a UNESCO city so called “cradle of the Renaissance” for its remarkable historical heritage still well preserved nowadays. Artists such as Raffaello and Piero della Francesca above all, gave shine to the city. Palazzo Ducale and its “torricini”, Urbino Cathedral, are the best-known architectural piece of a beautiful city standing above the hills of gorgeous countryside in Marche region. The conference will be held in the buildings belonging to Urbino University, one the oldest in the world, founded in 1506. Urbino is 45 minutes away on a fast shuttle from Pesaro where is located the nearest train station. Pesaro is very well connected by train with Rome (3h change in Bologna), Bologna (1h direct), Ancona (30min direct) which are the closest cities with flight connections. Once in Urbino, everything is walk distance.
Urbino Urbino, Via Saffi

The conference will take place at the University of Urbino, Battiferri Palace, Via Saffi 42, in the historic center of Urbino, at 10 minutes walking distance from the Terminal Bus - Park Santa Lucia